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 why i want to be a modertator&the new player GUIDE

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white playa

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PostSubject: why i want to be a modertator&the new player GUIDE   January 5th 2008, 16:31

i really like this server its very fun with very nice people
im already an member
i like to help the new players thats why i wear the blue icon it means = im chilling around im avaible
to answers other peoples questions
and i like to help all players so ask me Very Happy and ill laugh all the time lol!


if u want those icons theyre good with outfits do ::starter u got 10k(10000 coins) 100 rune arrows and a magic shortbow and a good other command do ::runes to train magic


go to the portal at the FROG PRINCESS kill the BARBARIAN WOMAN they drop red partyhat and wizard (G) its nice too
and the guards have much hp too


u can steal from the stalls at the EMOTES and click THIEF or go to WC


if u wanna go to the SHOPS and buy some clothes read this good:
the bandit shopkeeper sells rune items!
the magic shop owner sells magic items!
zeke sells food bones and some other usefull items!
thessalia sells robes and zamorak robes!
the shop keeper sells skillcapes hoods
the fancy dress shopowner sells fury bandos armadyle and elegent and stuff
the santa sells gilded its nice too
lowe sells range items god dragonhide d bow and normal dragonhide
the shop assistent sells fremmenink helms mining helmet and fishbowl helm
gerrant sells BARROWS pretty good
the other shop keeper sells skillcapes
and at last the ghost shopkeeper sells pure stuff barrows gloves whips fighter torso and rune defender

thanks for reading and have a FFFFFUUUUUNNNNN time on this server =]

white playa
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Owner Mark

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PostSubject: W00w   January 5th 2008, 16:52

OMG this is a very nice... it looks like a big guide or something...
Very nice i talk about it with other admins.. Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy jocolor lol! elephant
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why i want to be a modertator&the new player GUIDE
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