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 Sweetix mod apply.

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PostSubject: Sweetix mod apply.   February 2nd 2008, 19:51

Hello evryone, cheers
my name is sweetix, (sebastien irl rabbit ) as u already know Wink .

Firstly I just want to say that i really like this server and it really ownz !!

So i want to stop spammers, massers, autoers etc.. So that the server can stay nice as it is now .

My goals are accualy:

-To stop massers, because u will get constantly lagg and connection lost, so that will make the players nervous and they will stop playing ugotowned and that is not the goal! No
There are couple of things i mean by saying 'massers'; its like clicking on objects 100times a second instead u only get xp evry 5-10 seconds silent ,useing magic casts too fast, also attacking not-monster npc's , buying too fast items at shops, like people who training prayer, with the ougre bones (at zeke)..

-To stop spammers ( accually i didnt saw much spammers) cuz its really annoying if ur trying to hold a conversation with some1.

-To let evryone have fun in the game and to make people happy !! Laughing

-To help new people to getting started, as I allready did, so they can play ugotowned Ftw! Smile

I play u got owned for about 2weeks, and i know lots of people in server.
I am already member for 1week, i think somthing like that.
And I now quite lots of thing about the server, and I'm open to anserw to all questions of evryone!
I am never agressive, but i hate massers and they make me upset!
I like to help new one's, if u get a 99skill, u can allways ask me for a present, i like to give presents tongue

If i see some1 dont follow the rules, i told mods/admins. but if there are no mods/admins online, i try to calm down the players but they wont listen Neutral that why I do this apply Surprised

I like the people and i like the admins/mods, i already helped mark couple of times, and i think we are kind of friends ( well he dont hate me i guess Rolling Eyes ).

here's a lil guide:

How to start?
First type ::starter to have 10k, a bow and arrows and icons. U can type it as much as u want. Another code is ::runes to have 1000 of all runes. Also this u can type as much as you want to. (Fast magic xp Smile )
Just type ::info for more information and the rules!.

How do I get money?
Well then u can start woodcutting, or thieving(located north if u tele ::home), that gives u lots of money and fast Smile , and after u got a bit money u can go to shops ( located east if u tele ::home) and buy what u like and start training. And at training spots you have also drops u can sell to shop/players to have cash!

How I train?
There are a couple of spots to train;
-U can go to barbarian, they drop phats and nice stuff (located at ::train)
-U can go to lessers, they also drops nice stuff Smile (located at the portals, east of ::home).
-If u get better u can start doing kalphite Queen for rare drops (located at emotes and then "Kqueen".
-Then can get the firecape by Jad, HES HARD (depends ur skills) (located at emotes tab: 'Jad'.)

What then?
Well then ur free to do what u want, u can have fun in pk (::pk) or edg (at portals) but always follow the rules, like no teaming at dock (::pk).
U can also rise up ur skilling skills, they are fast (some are bit slow).
And whats cool is that after each 99skill, the cape, cape(t) and hood spawn in ur inventory! and THEY HAVE EMOTES! Laughing
Also a cool minigame is when u type ::runrunrun, its some kind of castle wars but watch out U LOSE YOUR STUFF!
Or just do fun fights with ur mates! king

Uhm thanks for reading this ^^

have a good time on Ugotowned!

greetz, Sweetix

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x phase x

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PostSubject: Re: Sweetix mod apply.   February 2nd 2008, 21:25

Wow nice, hope you get mod!

And if it helps you have my support =p
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PostSubject: Re: Sweetix mod apply.   February 7th 2008, 21:25

Thanks Mark, Im admin Cool
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PostSubject: Re: Sweetix mod apply.   March 15th 2008, 14:17

gratz on gettin admin dats a very long post rofl took me ages to read through it all
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PostSubject: Re: Sweetix mod apply.   March 15th 2008, 17:28

same lol thats huge lol!
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PostSubject: Re: Sweetix mod apply.   

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Sweetix mod apply.
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